Hatha (physical) yoga.
Derived from many ancient texts dating back to Vedic times in India, most notably Patanjalis yoga Sutras, it includes postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. ‘Ha’ means sun and ‘tha’ means moon, the object being to balance the flow of solar and lunar energy in the body. Classes are varied; gentle and restorative, or challenging, with postures held for longer durations. An emphasis is placed on correct alignment of the body.

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.
Derived from the teachings Krishnamacharya and Shri K Pattabhi Jois, this is a system of hatha (physical) yoga that follows Patanjalis eight-stage path (ashtanga literally means eight limbs). There are a set series of postures that through synchronisation of breath, flowing movement, and use of bandhas (internal energy locks) creates a dynamic yoga that uses breath and movement to enable meditation. Vinyasa is a unique way of linking and flowing one posture into the next. This practice can be physically demanding, and although it can be taught at all levels, offers a very demanding practice at advanced levels.

Vinyasa flow yoga.
Vinyasa, also called flow because of the smooth way the poses connect together is one of the most popular styles today. It’s breath and movement based meditation is influenced by Ashtanga and Jivamukti. There is a wide variation within Vinyasa Flow from a slow flow with attention to alignment such as Anusara to the fast paced Rocket sequence put together by Larry Shultz.

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