Corporate Yoga Classes

Modern offices are often dynamic, challenging and rewarding places to work. However, in London, we work longer hours and spend more time commuting than any other city in the UK (in fact in Europe!) This can lead to stress, and can put pressure on leisure-time.
Yoga With Natalie can bring corporate yoga classes into your workplace. Benefits include, increased concentration and output levels, reduced stress and strengthened immune system (leading to less sick days), which will give your staff and company enhanced performance in the commercial world.

Sessions last from 45 to 90 minutes, and are tailored to each group’s requirements.

Please make sure you have a room large enough to accommodate the session, and we recommend purchasing sticky mats, which are inexpensive and very easy to store.

Clients include Coca Cola UK, Camelot, E-On, Z-PR, Museum of London, Options, Notting Hill Housing Trust, EasyNet and Danone.

Please call 07815 125 147 to book your class.

Please note that corporate yoga classes cancelled without a clear 24 hours notice will be charged at half-fee